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Kvarner and Highlands


Kvarner panorama
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Where the sea incised nearest to the hearth of Europe and where Mediterranean sleeps at the foot of the mountain massif sheltering itself from cold regions, where the rich medieval heritage is carved into stone houses and wooden boats, the bay of Kvarner found its place.
Most varied natural area, treasury of the unique indigenous cultural heritage and history, the source of Croatian literacy – the Glagolitic script and strong carnival tradition.
This is a special place where a quiet coast, a sea and highlands meet; islands and rocks rich in vegetation, Mediterranean and mountain climate, variety of scents, colors and sounds, a picturesque natural beauty and architectural buildings. From the Nature Park Ucka (Učka) in the West to the National Park Risnjak where the protected species of lynx lives; from the protected griffon vultures on the island of Cres (Caput Insulae Beli) to the Nature Park Velebit (where the endemic species of „Velebitska Degenija“ grows, also known as a symbol of Velebit). All the way to Plitvice Lakes National Park which constitutes 16 stepwise lakes, where the growth of travertine creates geomorphologic forms, the natural development of this area.
The richness of the mountain region, its mountains, rivers and lakes created the eternal springs of fresh water and a habitat for more than 130 plant and animal species, some of which are endemic.