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The island of Brac

"Delighted by the cricket song, besotted with the sun and the scent of Mediterranean pine trees, sage and rosemary, Brac (Brač) is like a big green boat swaying on the waves of the Adriatic Sea, opposing the biggest Dalmatian city of Split." Harmony of numerous bell towers in towns and villages make Brac (Brač) recognizable to local people, and beach Zlatni Rat in Bol is what makes it distinctive in the world. The inland, which hides many natural beauties, as well as archaeological ones, gives you the opportunity to pick asparagus, to soar in the mountains and experience some of the most beautiful views of the entire island of Brac (Brač). Numerous harbors, which were built by diligent inhabitants of Brac (Brač), will be your dock on your way to explore the beauty and charm of this island.

People from Brac (Brač), known under the stereotype of tightfisted people, are very diligent workers that have always been dealing with stonework, agriculture and fishing. Whiteness of Brac (Brač) stone from the old times adorns some of the most beautiful buildings of Venice, Dalmatia, and even part of the White House in Washington. The inhabitants of Brac (Brač) are known for the monuments they have erected for the people who have touched them in a special way. Thus, for example, the town of Selca is adorned with monuments of Pope John Paul II, German politician Dietrich Genscher and Russian writer Lav Nikolajevič Tolstoj.