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Grad Split, pogled s Marjana
Copyright: Split Tourist Board

Split is situated in the heart of Mediterranean, on the sunbathed coast where one of the greatest Roman emperors built himself a palace - the place where the sea meets the land. Thousand years old culture of Diocletian's dream covered this city with golden garments, and long ago set him a happy destiny. Split is a city of a thousand year old development, divine omen, traditional habits, good wine and olives. If it was a person it would be active, joyous, culturally and historically aware, spectacular and impassioned.
Surrounded by the sea, mountains and plains, it was ideal place for many nations who wanted a piece of this dream. City-palace radiates with Southern spirit whose beaches face the warm sea, while mountain Mosor keeps its back, and where song and dance have been connecting people for a long time. Split extends in the low bay of the Marjan peninsula, surrounded by the islands, islets, rocks, hills and mountains, bays and harbors. People were facing the sea and karst hinterland searching for a piece of fertile soil. They were cultivating olives, grape vines, fruit trees and other plants, cattle breeding and fishing. Until today, Split and its surroundings preserved the original Dalmatian lifestyle with a large touristic development through centuries.

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