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Peljesac peninsula

Long coastal line of the peninsula is full of idyllic fishermen villages, secluded beaches and romantic bays. Residents are mostly engaged in tourism, wine, cattle breeding and fishing. Peljesac (Pelješac) owes its charms both to churches and royal villas, as well as its natural beauty.
To visit the second-largest Croatian peninsula, Peljesac (Pelješac) peninsula, and not to see the Peljesac (Pelješac) vineyards and not afford your mouth the satisfaction of tasting the excellent wine is simply impossible. Poor soil and painstaking work produced valuable Pelješac wines named after Pelješac , what made it famous in the world.
The whole Peljesac (Pelješac) peninsula offers you its romantic beauty. The coasts are ornamented with bays, white beaches, olive trees, ancient cypresses, rocks covered with sage. Clean sea, delicious fresh fish or shell and almost untouched nature are enough big temptation for all of those who wants to relax.