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Grad Karlovac
Copyright: Karlovac Tourist board
Karlovac, the city that lies on four rivers - Korana, Kupa, Mreznica (Mrežnica) and Dobra, is situated in the heart of Croatia, where lowlands and mountains meet. Below the Old Town Dubovac, in the green river valleys, ancient gardens and promenades, Karlovac was built and designed in proportion to mankind, in the tradition of culture, sports, crafts and commerce.
Since its foundation in 1579, the city of Karlovac has become strategic, economical and transportation centre with very important road junctions. A walk through the town parks and gardens offers a unique experience of nature and human work.
Karlovac and its surrounding areas offer many boons - walking along the river, bike riding on bicycle paths and swimming in summer.  If you have any adventurous spirit, you can try rafting and canoeing. For those who seek for peaceful entertainment, Karlovac offers fishing on rivers, baier lakes and fishponds.
Its forests are of Inestimable value and offer the possibility of hunting all kinds of wild animals. If you're not a hunter, you can enjoy the forests, especially its abundant colours in spring and autumn, walking around and picking mushrooms, chestnuts, hazelnuts...
Mountainous areas in the southwestern part of Bjelolasica (mountain range Velika Kapela) and Klek, cradles of mountaineering in Croatia, are all parts of another attractive area with ideal spots for extreme sports.

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