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Central Croatia

Marija Bistrica
Copyright: Tourist Board of the Marija Bistrica

Man is nature, romance is the castle, the beauty is green mountains, the culture is every city, the history is the present...
Gentle and green Central Croatia is abundant with numerous natural jewels, ancient forests, vineyards, rivers and thermal springs. The unique charm of medieval forts, towers, country castles, health resorts and the oldest pilgrimage sanctuary in Croatia attracts many visitors.
If you look towards sunrise, you will see Nature Park Lonjsko polje. This is an unique phenomenon, flooded area with more than 500 kilometers of wetland meadows, oak forest habitat, with over 250 species of birds.  Here you can find the largest fish hatchery and many other animal and plant species as well as some of the exceptional individuals - white-tailed eagle, wildcat, Posavina horse, white stork, a migratory bird spoonbill ... The area has a remarkable bond of preserved nature and the traditional architectural heritage. The construction of wooden houses and the tradition of civil engineering, thermal spas such as Topusko, horticulture city parks and cemeteries merged this region, people and nature into one.